Make America Grape Again and Make America Grape Again 2 are books as much for adults as they are for the children to whom they are read. Told in clever rhyme, these playful tales invoke powerful themes. They will have both child and adult laughing as they root for a common winner; for inclusion over intolerance and fairness over injustice. Perhaps best of all, these books will leave the reader with hope, something we all can use a little more of these days!


Jeff Durston is a high school teacher and father of two who lives in California. He loves reading to his children, and his favorite stories leave them with smiles on their faces and important ideas to consider. This is his first foray into children's literature. He hopes this book will provide as much joy and laughter for you as it has for his own children, who have served as an unpaid and unwitting, yet very capable, focus group for this story.  


Hannah Howerton loves hats and wears many of them. Creativity is her superpower, and she most enjoys using it for altruistic endeavors (especially those that involve fruit). She is also the illustrator of The Little Lemon that Leapt, and creator of Lionel’s Place: a brand that empowers the bullied by celebrating weird. She finds inspiration in nature while exploring with her pup whose paw print of approval is all over Make America Grape Again!